Four Hungarian tourists were turned away from the U Zlatého Tygra pub in Prague. Well, not exactly turned away, but they were simply ignored, not served. All of this happened shortly after the pub's opening, and surprisingly, on that day, it didn't fill up immediately after opening. This is surprising because this is the pub where it's almost always packed. In fact, you could say that it often feels like being on a tram during rush hour.

Of course, this is not interesting in itself because you must see the Tygr, as for decades, this is where Hrabal used to drink, and once even Clinton visited the master of autumn at his regular place. So, the place has become a landmark, and as a result, it treats its guests quite casually. We can confidently say that this especially applies to tourists. Otherwise, how would we explain that they only serve one type of beer, don't measure short drinks, and the food selection is quite modest? This makes it stand out from the row of Prague pubs that offer increasingly exciting choices. It's as if time has stood still.

An old story shows that even in the past, not everyone was welcome at the Tygr. In the first half of the 20th century, Mr. Skořepa, the then-owner, didn't support the idea of allowing ladies into his pub. Allegedly, he would give them money at the entrance, urging them to go to the cinema instead and not disturb the gentlemen's world-changing conversations here. There was only one exception to this rule, Mrs. Prýmková, who refused the cinema money and on her first evening at Tygr, with a spirit that put men to shame, downed twenty-two pints of beer – earning her the status of a regular.