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Radko Pytlik calls Jaroslav Hašek this in his book about him. If the focus of this blog is on Czech gems, the unique relationship between beer and literature, which is characteristic of the Czechs alone, then Hašek and his writings are indispensable...
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First of all, let's clarify - Kaiserschmarrn is not the same as semolina pudding or, in other words, breadcrumbs. As the latter names suggest, they are made with semolina, while Kaiserschmarrn is made with flour, and when prepared correctly, it has ..
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A few years ago, when we talked about Christmas beers, it was primarily about imported beers. From the Belgian Bush Noël Santa Claus beer to one of the most famous, the Delirium Christmas brown ale from the East Flanders Huyghe brewery, to the excel..
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In the beginning, there were the tens and the twelves... these two beers formed the foundation of Czech beer production, and Czech beer enthusiasts were quite content with them. True, in those decades, the quality remained excellent, but the breweri..
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Four Hungarian tourists were turned away from the U Zlatého Tygra pub in Prague. Well, not exactly turned away, but they were simply ignored, not served. All of this happened shortly after the pub's opening, and surprisingly, on that day, it didn't ..
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The image is from the famous restaurant scene in Zoltán Huszárik's film "Sinbad." It's not an exaggeration to say that we're talking about one of the most well-known scenes in Hungarian film history, which became iconic thanks to the film. The "big ..
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