Ferdinand Monarchia Étterem és Cseh sörház

Ferdinand Monarchia Restaurant

Ferdinand Monarchy Restaurant

Discover the finest craft beers and culinary delights of the Czech Republic. We await you with a diverse selection of food and beer offerings at the corner of Király Street and Eötvös Street!
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High quality
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Beers and beverages
Beers and beverages
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Wine menu
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Opening hours
Monday 11:30 - 22:00
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Saturday 12:00 - 22:00
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Weekly meal plan
Weekly food plan
2024.06.10. - 2024.06.14.
2 courses: 1700 HUF + 250 HUF / box
3 courses: 2100 HUF + 250 HUF / box











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For bookings of more than 10 people, payment per person is not available !
Martin Imre - Restaurateur

Martin Imre


"To host someone is to take responsibility for their well-being as long as they remain under our roof."
Brillant Savarin

The Ferdinand Monarchy Restaurant & Czech Beer House has been welcoming its dear guests for 12 years in the VI. district. Gaining acceptance was a challenge, as Czech cuisine and hospitality align only in their warmth with our Hungarian hospitality. The flavors of our dishes may not be far from our own, but the cooking and baking methods are different from what we are accustomed to at home. Not to mention the side dishes, as Czech cuisine offers numerous variations of dumplings to accompany most dishes.

And of course, there is the beer culture that connects everything and guides us into a completely new and beautiful world, the world of beers. After the initial steps, we immerse ourselves more and more in the depths of the diverse flavors, colors, and names of the various beers.

The road has been long. 10 years. But the name taken on by Ferdinand is not just a name. This name is history itself. A family, a dynasty intertwined with the history of Europe.

Franz Ferdinand is part of the Monarchy with his entire family and ancestors. And this realization and the results of our research brought change to the restaurant's life. Ferdinand is no longer just in name but also in its kitchen and spirit, a supporter of the MONARCHY.

Our dishes and drinks introduce our guests to the world of the happy peacetime. Vienna, Budapest, Prague, Bratislava, Transylvania and Partium, the Southern Region, a touch of Italy. A world of a thousand colors filled with culinary wonders and unique drinks.

Both guests and us, the hosts, had to get used to this new type of hospitality here in Pest. Because we have undertaken nothing less than to bring a little bit of Czechia and the Monarchy into your food and the moments you spend here. All of this here, on Király Street.

We dreamed big and we won't change our dreams. Because we not only want to be the first but also the best.

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Our Services
Our restaurant is experienced in hosting events ranging from 15 to several hundred guests. Whether it's an elegant cocktail reception, a festival booth, or an outdoor garden party, you can confidently turn to us!
Our restaurant introduces a new menu to guests three to four times a year. You can savor the pleasures of food and drink in a Czech beer hall-style atmosphere and an elegantly inspired Monarchy-themed room.
With decades of hospitality experience, we've successfully catered more than 400 weddings with the utmost expertise and dedication. Entrust your wedding to us, so you can enjoy the Big Day worry-free!
The perfect occasion for celebration! In addition to food and beverage services, we provide a projector, screen, and sound equipment for our guests' convenience.


From the time of the Monarchy